Consultation for Property Owners

“What a wonderful time I had working with Ariel. I wanted to showcase my home to the film industry and I needed help. Ariel provided phenomenal insight to what the film industry is looking for. If you are looking to rent your home to the film industry, you must seek Ariel’s consultation services. Thank you,  I couldn’t have done this without you.”

Luie V., Stickney, IL (near Chicago)

Do you need coaching or guidance to take your film hosting business to the next level? Or are you new to hosting filming? Whether you live in Southern California or in any of the other cities that host a fair amount of filming, we can help  evaluate the film-friendliness of your property and any issues that could prevent it from reaching its full rental potential. 

We will also answer any and all questions you may have about your property and the industry.  And we’ll  brainstorm new ideas on attracting more (or new) filming to your location.  Also, be sure to check out all the helpful articles on the front page of our site  and take our free film locations class, a complete overview into becoming a successful film location to give yourself a nice base of knowledge moving forward.

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During your one on one session, learn everything you need to know to succeed. 

  • Discover your location’s strongest promotional features.
  • Brainstorm marketing opportunities.
  • Determine your odds of being selected based on the current production climate.
  • We’ll identify challenges at your location. For instance, can anything at your property lose you jobs?  We’ll look at how to fix those problems.  We’ll pin point  changes needed to make your location film-friendly moving forward.
  • You’ll get answers to your questions, especially if you’ve never hosted filming before. Likewise,  if you’ve hosted filming, but are confused about what you experienced,  we can guide you through it.  Let’s help you avoid any problems on your upcoming shoots.
  • We’ll  also answer all of your questions about  general location and industry practices.

Ariel Penn, our site host, will conduct most, if not all, of  the sessions via Zoom and will ask that you tour her through the property during the session.  

Benefit from the  expert opinion of someone who has worked in Hollywood, one of the  busiest production centers in the world or from one of our other experienced and vetted location professionals. 

The fee is $99 dollars and you will receive an mp3 audio  file emailed to you
with the evaluation of your property and answering all of your questions if we don’t conduct the evaluation live via Zoom.  We will strive to have this recorded and back to you within 3 business days and will touch base immediately confirming we received your request.

Before Your Consultation

Please email a set of photos of your property for evaluation/feedback to Check out our guide to photographing your property prior to sending in the photos to ensure we have complete coverage your location. Be sure to include the Name of Location, City, Contact Name in your email subject header. And once we confirm that we received your email, please pay for your session via Venmo @arielpenn and Ariel will contact you to set up your consultation appointment.