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Ariel Penn was a liaison (link to Location Managers Guild International Article) between the major movie studios or indie film companies and  property owners. She managed logistics/permitting for 11,500 on-location productions over a 25+ year career. Ariel served as a film liaison for two of the busiest filming cities (per capita) in Southern California, West Hollywood and Pasadena.

Ariel also trained  new film commissioners for the Association of Film Commissioner’s International (AFCI). And she acted was a mentor to the Hungarian National Film Commission,  the Peruvian National Film Commission and the South Pasadena Film Office.

Ariel is honored to be a two-time L.A. Emmy nominee (1993 and 2015) in Public, Municipal & Operator Produced Cable, and the Executive Producer of  “Times Have Changed” which won the L.A. Emmy for Creative Technical Crafts (1993).  She  is also a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The goal of this site is to give back, helping both film hosts and filmmakers. We want to make it affordable for both parties to participate fully in the location side of production.

Feel free to contact Ariel with any questions at arielpenn@gmail.com.